Wednesday, July 19 at 1:00 pm in Glover Park

*If raining, it will be held at the Old Gem Theater  

The Science Alliance will dispel many of the myths surrounding reptiles and amphibians with our exciting and interactive "REPTOMANIA!" presentation! 

Everyone knows what frogs and snake and lizards ARE, but what makes them similar and yet very different from each other? Steve Schindler, an expert on all things reptilian, will introduce your kids to huge toads and frogs, colorful snakes, and exotic skinks!Kids will learn about how different adaptations allow the animals to live in specific habitats and what interesting physical modifications they are capable of to protect themselves from predators. They will see that snakes are NOT slimy no matter what they may have heard! Actually being able to see and sometimes touch live animals will bring a higher degree of understanding of these fascinating creatures! Your kids will love our critters!


Steve Schindler is an expert handler and the animals in the live demonstrations are presented in a safe and controlled setting. The animals are humanely cared for.


Free and Open to the Public


Part of the Build a Better World summer reading program

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