Library of Things

Library of Things

Everyone knows that you can come to the library and borrow books.  But, libraries are so much more than books!  We have something for everyone and would like to share our collection of non-traditional library materials in hopes that you find something else that will benefit you.

All materials can be checked out for free. The only time there is a charge is if something is returned late. All of these materials must be checked out from and returned to Friday Memorial Library.


Audio/Visual Equipment

DLP Projector
ViewSonic PA503W performance projector features 3600 Lumens. Must connect to laptop, TV or gaming device for projection. Medium size projector. Perfect for presentations. $100.00 deposit (check only).  Checkout period: 2 days

LCD Projector with DVD Player
2 available Epson LCD Projectors with DVD Player. Built in speakers. Large size projector. Perfect for movie night. $100.00 deposit (check only). Checkout period: 2 days

Overhead projector
3M 1880 Overhead projector, Model: OH1800AJB, S/N: 114603 Checkout period: 1 week

Slide Projector
Kodak Ektagraphic III E Plus Projector With Kodak Ektagraphic Universal slide tray, model 2 (carousel). Checkout period: 1 week

Projection Screens
Portable tripod projection screens in two sizes: 60” or 70”. Perfect for presentations, movie nights or parties. Checkout period: 2 days



Early Literacy Backpack
Theme-based books and activities that help build early literacy skills in pre-school aged children. These packs are a great way to enjoy storytime at home.  Checkout period: 3 weeks

Launchpads are designed for children and are preloaded with high quality, ad-free apps that are both fun and educational. Apps are grouped onto the tablets by subject area, theme, grade level, and age, making it easy for parents and kids to choose a tablet with the content most appealing and appropriate to them. The tablets provide hours of interactive learning and play without the risk of exposure to unintended content or the need for a network connection or downloading. Checkout period: 1 week

Park Packs
Park packs are themed backpacks that include everything you need to get out and explore. Select Park Packs include admission to Willow River State Park or St. Croix County Parks. Checkout period: 2 weeks

Traveling Tales
Theme-based books and ideas to share with your young learner. Use these kits at home or bring them on your travels. Checkout period: 3 weeks



Brain Games
Launchpads for adults. Filled with puzzles, word games, number challenges, and tests of speed and logic, this collection will train the mind by challenging memory, reaction time, problem-solving and observation skills, attention span and more. No network connection or downloading required. Checkout period: 1 week

Yard Games
A variety of outdoor games to check out and play at home, the cabin or wherever you like. Available yard games include: Badminton, Bean Bags, Bocce Ball, Kubb, Ladder Golf, Ring Toss and Yard Dice. Checkout period: 2 weeks



Draft Check Meter
Uses an infrared sensor to find leaks along walls, molding, ductwork, and more. The meter provides quick, intuitive feedback, showing you where to caulk and insulate. Checkout period: 1 week. Xcel Energy is auditing the technology on the Draft Check meters to ensure they are working properly. Devices will be unavailable until further notice.

Watts Up Energy Meter
Monitor and project energy costs and find out what appliances cost to operate. Displays cost of electricity in dollars and cents, and tracks true power over time. Checkout period: 1 week. Xcel Energy is auditing the technology on the Power Check meters to ensure they are working properly. Devices will be unavailable until further notice.


Memory Makers

Memory Makers are kits filled with items specifically selected to spark memories, create conversation and provide positive interactions for families and care partners. Each Memory Maker has a unique collection of books, music, photographs and activities to help individuals build relationships and have fun reminiscing with others. Memory Makers can provide stimulation for adults with mild cognitive impairment. Checkout period: 2 weeks


WiFi Hotspots

These devices which allow you to connect to the internet at high speeds and acts as your personal mobile broadband connection. You can securely connect WiFi-enabled devices, such as tablets, laptops or additional smartphones, anywhere you have cellular service. Library Card and Driver’s License required for checkout. Checkout period: 2 weeks.