Building Project Update 2017


2017 Feasibility Study Report

During a meeting held October 5, 2017, design firm MSR out of Minneapolis unveiled early concepts for a new library to the New Richmond Community. 

The event, which took place at the Civic Center of New Richmond, was billed as a community input session, with the Library Director, MSR, Library Board, and City Council representatives, meeting to discuss plans for the future library with members of the community. 

The new library will be built on the former New Richmond Middle School site in the heart of New Richmond, near the New Richmond Area Centre. The concept of the new site/building is "Pavillion in the Park," drawing inspiration from the current library building and location in Glover Park.  The City officially purchased the land from the School District of New Richmond for $1.00 on October 16, 2017 in a joint effort between the School District, Library Board and City Council. 

New Richmond Library Master Plan

The Library concept is meant to envelope the community and bring the outside in.  The project is set to be LEED certified, in accordance to community meetings in which citizens expressed the desire for the building to be a "model of sustainability".  The project is designed to be done all at once, or can be completed in two in phases, and the total size of the library will range between 18,000 and 28,000 square feet. The concept also places a strong emphasis on green space, with park/plaza areas on the north and west sides of the structure. 

The public is invited to look for upcoming opportunities to participate in the design phase of the project. 


Transparent + Open. The design process will be a model for civic engagement, and the design outcome will express the city's value of transparency

Library + Park. The design will promote a complimentary relationship between building and site, prioritizing visual and physical connections and engaging visitors in learning, exploring, working and playing, both inside and out.   

Adaptable + Flexible. The building and grounds will allow for year-to-year adapability and day-to-day flexibility.

Memory + Innovation. The design will honor New Richmond's rich history, while innovating for the future.

Inclusive + Interactive. The building and site will invite use and interaction, and be accessible by all. 

Destination + Engine. The library will contribute to New Richmond's unique sense of place, promoting development and positioning the city as an economic driver of the region. 

Neighbor + Connector. The building and site will enhance the neighborhood, and aid in the transition between downtown and residential. 

Model + Experiment. The library, building, and site will foster engagement and serve as a model for community innovation. 

Smart + Sustainable. The building and grounds will balance initial costs with long-term operations, and reinforce New Richmond as an environmental steward.  


Aerial View of New Library Site

Aerial View of the new library site

New Richmond Library site plan

Exterior Plaza and Main Entrance

Exterior view of the plaza and main entrance to the new library

Interior View Looking North at Park from Children's Area

Interior view looking north to the park from the children's area

Project timeline to date


To be a dymanic and friendly hub for the community.  A gathering place for the people in the New Richmond area to learn, explore, and connect


To provide a flexible, interactive community destination for preservation, education, and innovation for the present and future.