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Community Commons Project

At a special meeting of the New Richmond City Council, Library Board, and School Board on June 30, 2014, the Council and School Board directed the Library to pursue the Community Commons Site for the Library Site.  As part of that pursuit, members of the City Council, School Board, Library Board, Community Commons Partners, and Government Entities Network hired Leo A Daly to conduct a “pre-project site development charrette” regarding the Community Commons location.

Phase I of the project was developing a shared mission and vision for the Community Commons

Phase II of the project was conducting a feasibility of building report

The Library Board of Trustees and the Library Staff understand the controversial nature of deciding on a location for the new Library.  We appreciate our users who have expressed their desire to keep the Library in its current location and those who have shared both their concerns and enthusiasm about the Community Commons site.   Our goal is to look for the best possible solution to the many issues the Library faces.  If you have questions or concerns, please let us know!  We are happy to discuss how the decisions have been made and what the next steps in the process are.



November 6, 2014 Public Open House Video

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Press Release:

Leo A Daly Selected to Facilitate Community Commons Site Discussion AUG 28.2014

Special June 30, 2014 Council Meeting

Alderman Zajkowski moved to pursue the commons site for the library site, seconded by Alderman
Hansen and carried. Mike Darrow stated that the three primary contact people for the Charette will
be himself, Jeff Moberg and Kim Hennings. They will begin the process and come up with the
members of the group

See full minutes.

Press Release March 27, 2014



Community Conversation I

Community Conversation II



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