Community Conversation II

On March 10, 2014 the City Council voted to table the discussion of the new library and directed city staff to provide additional information.  The Library staff and the Board of Trustees would like to sincerely thank the community of New Richmond for contributing to the Community Conversation.  We truly appreciate all of the support the Library has received as a result of this process.  All of the comments, questions, and concerns will serve to guide us as we continue in our efforts for a new library building. -Kim


The following is the motion made and passed at the March 10, 2014 City Council meeting.

Alderman Ard moved that we look for further information on both sites, that we have greater access to information regarding the proposed costs, that both sites be evaluated by not only the City Council, the Library Board, members of staff, but that the community be invited to those also so that they are getting a first-hand look at exactly what each site has to offer or does not, seconded by Alderman Kittel and carried. 

View the March 10th City Council Meeting

Press Release

The press release is in regards to the community meeting held on March 10, 2014 at City Hall to discuss the library building project and possible locations.

Library Building Process FAQs

View the Library Conversation with City Administrator Mike Darrow and Library Director Kim Hennings HERE.

Mike Darrow, City Administrater and Kimberly Hennings, library director

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Survey Results from March 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014 will be the next phase of the Community Conversation. This will include concept designs for the current location as well as the Community Commons location. Designs can be viewed at the library, the Civic Center and the Community Commons. Comment cards are also available at each location.

Design Concept Options:

If you are interested in receiving emails regarding the building process and meeting notifications, send your email to with building project in the subject line.

Contact information for the mayor, your alderman or town board representative.