Oral Histories of New Richmond

Oral Histories

Friday Memorial Library now has oral histories available in audio format.

All CDs are available for a three (3) week check out period. CDs should work on all computers but not all CD players. The audio files are on data CDs in order to include the written transcripts when available.

Audio files are also available to listen to in-library on the History Computer. Transcripts are linked below.





Oral Histories: Audio and Transcripts available

Arnquist, C. S.



Beebe, John & Bev



Boor, John



Bradford, Robert


Brennan, Kathryn



Brust, Richard & Joan



Buell, James



Cernhous, Ken


Christiansen, Janet



Cox, Esther



Craig, Dr. James



Drake, Lillian


Earley, Kathleen



Friday, Fritz



Friday, Mrs. CA



Greaton, Wilson E


Heebink, Jim



Heffron, Tom & Janet with Irv Sather



Hermansen, Adolph & Carmen



Hughes, Joseph


Irle, Dr. WW



Johnson, Joye



Johnson, Lloyd



Knowles, Warren P


Kruschke, Louisa & Luebka



Kruschke, Richard & Ida



Larson, Charlotte Nelson



Larson, Erma


Lindell, Doc & Mag



Lundy, Belle



Lynch, Charlotte



Mayer, Hugh & Betty


McCabe, Ruth



McCarty, Marilyn



McDermott, Margaret



McDermott, Mary


McNally, Tom



McNamara, Frank & Grace



McNamara, Margaret



Michels, Don & Sister Marian


Nelson, Lou



Olson, Donald & Marie Tierney Kinne



Railsback, Florence



Sette, Erna


Shern, Grace & Al



Sias, Cliff & Cora



Smith, W Howard & Elsie



Soderburg, Henning


Tubbs, Wayne & Joan



Vehrs, Harlan & Mae



Wahlquist, Bill & Virginia



Walsh, Grace


Younce, Karine Epley





Oral Histories: Transcripts available

Asplund, Fritz        



Busse, Emil     



Hemenway, Margaret    



Hill, Archie


Kinne, Marie



Knowles, Robert



Kunkle, Alice



Murray, Madonna


Quinlan, Mary




Oral Histories: Audio Available

Ballad of an American            New Richmond Marching Band               Old Abe